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We Aim to Do Things RIGHT from the First Try!

Our make-it happen culture stems from our Leaders commitment to engage team members and work collectively to achieve the goals of our clients’ projects as efficiently as possible.
Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

A reliable team on whom you can trust.
True Partners

True Partners

We are the true partners for your next big venture on whom you can rely.
Global Know-how

Global Know-how

We are a team of focused individuals, Professional Contractors, Project Managers & Suppliers with a creative solution to your complex problems.
What We do

Our Mission & Vision

Our creative efforts will solve any tough situation using determination and perseverance. Our integrity will help you reach the positive side of things.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to undertake all of our projects activities in a manner which sees the company completing all our work on time, every time to satisfy contractual timescales and specifications, as well as ensuring a quality service.

Our Vision

We are excellence driven organization with a vision of being a first class project management contractor to all its clients involved in the Construction, Infrastructure, Railway/Transportation and ICI Buildings Industry Sectors.
Our services

Services We Provide

Management of Engineering

A group of professionals have originally started RAELKON teams; their respective electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines allows for understanding of a wide spectrum of projects scope of work. Our noble profession requires us to have and abide by principles of ethics, integrity, honesty, impartiality, fairness and equity which we hold dear. . .

Project Management

RAELKON Teams leadership has been described almost always, as one which focuses its efforts and attention on the long-term; we truly believe that our actions matter and that we can positively influence any situation by doing something about it; we call it perpetual optimism. This emanates. . .


RAELKON Teams are ardent supporters & practitioners of proactive contracting; this mainly translates to working with our clients to prevent problems and promote relationships. As Proactive Contractors RAELKON Teams deal with Contract Management, Relational Management . . .

We are a well known company.

50+ years of engineering experiences combined to give you better results.


Our Projects

The Story

Entrepreneurship is in the blood of the founders of RAELKON Teams; the history of their family origins from different parts of the worlds tells you about the background baggage that binds them together.

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